How it works

First, let’s look at the home screen once turned on…

AirNetTV Android TV Box Home Screen

  • Simple to navigate
  • Completely customizable – add and remove apps
  • All of the favorites are at the bottom for easy access
  • Setting tab is where we will hook up the wifi/ethernet

Simple Easy to Use Plug & Play

Setting Up WiFi or Ethernet

  • Click on WiFi or Ethernet
  • If you choose WiFi, you will be prompted for your password
  • Use the Speed Test app to test your download speed
  • Once connected, it’s time to start streaming!


Now that we are connected to the internet – let’s start streaming!

The KODI Add-on

  • Pre-programmed for instant streaming
  • Over 50+ add-ons pre-installed so you can plug & play
  • Here is where you will find the largest content library
  • The top 7 add-ons are at the bottom as shortcuts


How the Add-ons work

  • Once you click on an add-on you will see a new screen
  • You can choose from any of the following options
  • Find your movie and click the link to start streaming
  • You can pause, stop, play or fast forward/rewind at any time

Where else can you watch movies and TV shows at?