Steve Richardson‎ 
I have been streaming now for over 6 years and had tried most of all the products out there from Amazon, Apple Roku. And most of the best so called Chinese clones out there. Most all were cumbersome to use with a ton of buffering. One thing in common was that they all had little to no support as well as no guarantee or warranty. I must say that out of all the steaming boxes & sticks I have used AirNet TV is truly the Bugatti of streaming media boxes.

Steve Rehder
AirNet TV is a well-established product that I think that should be used everywhere- businesses, schools, households. Robert's customer support is excellent, and allows after-hours tech assistance. My family currently owns one, positioned in the living room, and we've had it for a couple of weeks.

And when you buy this product, you will have as much enjoyment as my family is having. 

So far, we've had GREAT experience using it in the house, and I believe everyone should use this product.


Thank you, Robert, for your assistance.


Paul Saville
I’m so glad I spent the extra money to get the Airnet box instead of some Craig’s List special with no customer support. I recommend this over anything else out there. Thanks for helping me cut the cable with confidence.


 Ariel Jimenez 
I LOVE MOVIES!!!!!….and AirnetTV have the service…. La mejor inversión que he hecho!!!!!!….excelente servicio y calidad….thanks


Tim Conn
The best box EVER… I will never get any more of those pre-loaded fire sticks That work only for a short time…great live tech support… and I highly recommend this box to anyone…Looking to watch movies …


Keith Morrison
it’s about as close to FREE as you can get!!!!!! It has already paid for itself ten times over. The customer service is excellent.

Allyssa Bryant‎ 
I have been with Airnet Tv for 3 years now … I love it and the tech support from Rob is on point

Carlos Rodriguez‎ 
I ordered 2 of these, fast delivery, easy to use works great ,Thanks!


Tiffany Vincent
This product is absolutely awesome and so much better than the Firestick! Customer support is quick to respond and helped me get product connected and running


Michael Di Meo‎ to AirNet TV 
Robert is the man.!!.! Thank you for taking your time with me & for sharing your expert technical support today.

Airnet is light years above and beyond via hardware, software and customer service.

Two thumbs waaaaay uP.!!


‎Don Labreck‎ to AirNet TV
March 5 · 
I don’t normally recommend products on FB but this one is an exception! If you like watching movies, TV shows, live sports WITHOUT ANY MONTHLY FEE’S than check out AIRNET.TV
I didn’t believe all of the hype until I bought a box ($150) It came via priority mail with no shipping costs and when I connected it to my Wi-Fi network I was hooked.
I can finally tell COX to stick their $200 per month cable bill where the sun don’t shine!! Those of you that know me, know I’m the type of person that research’s the crap on something before I pull the trigger, I’m telling you this one’s the real deal!! CHECK IT OUT AND DITCH YOUR MONTHLY NETLIX AND CABLE BILLS!
If you not convinced yet, call/text me and I’ll run you through how to get started. You won’t be disappointed.


Thump Weitzel
I like mine too… 
With a famly of 4 going out to a movie cost a pile of money. 
The box has paid for itself in the 1st month.


‎Vinny Gallo Sr.‎ 
For the BEST TV you have ever seen get AirNet TV— The best customer service I have ever had anywhere. You will be amazed!!!

Jaimee Rodriguez‎ to AirNet TV

This airnettv box is AWESOME!!!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars I don’t pay for cable anymore!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars X9 is awesome! I’ll be cutting the cord with Bright House …


By Bill Wescott
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat android box, goodbye cable!


By J.E.S, 
5.0 out of 5 starsAS CLOSE TO FREE AS YOU CAN GET!!!!!!!


By Keith Morrison 
It’s about as close to FREE as you can get!!!!!! It has already paid for itself ten times over. The customer service is excellent.


KoShanna MacGregor
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to help me Robert!


Brett Cole
I have had mine for about 3 weeks and I dont miss Cable at all – can get – more programs with less money – i have watched programs that i could not have watched on cable with out paying for another channel package

John Rivera 
These people are awesome. Create customer service. I highly recommend. What a convenience…I used to have to hook up an all share cast to my phone to watch showbox and then my ipad to watch amazon prime and sling. I had all these cords everywhere. Now, I just have the airnet box that has all these at the touch of my remote and more, along with local tv. I don’t have cable,or a smart tv. This airnet box has given me both.


Paul Wagner
Ive had my Airnet tv for a few days now and its everything they claim and more!! They’re personal, kind, patient and EXTREMELY knowledgeable!


Dennis Jackson 
Awesome box I love mine


Chris R.
This box is great and now that I’ve paired it with the NetCable TV service it’s even better. The updates and support are awesome. This blows my old jailbroke Fire Stick away!



Vilma Moller

Excellent product and Real Live tech support. I love my AirNet TV X9 box, it was easy to use and I especially love that they handle they can service over the air for me :)

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